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This is a very easy way to force all messages to be rendered with the same font family and size in Gmail without having to install a browser extension. Perhaps you are like me and are now sick of receiving emails with text so massive you cannot read them; this should help you out.

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Anonymous logo and Saint Lucian flag

UPDATE: A small snapshot of the leaked data has been attached. There has been no action from the government or the media. I hope this article can build awareness that results in better protection of citizens data.

A couple of months ago I discovered an issue on a website operated by the government of Saint Lucia. I have contact the authorities, but to date, there has been no response. For the security of the current and former residents of Saint Lucia, I think that it is necessary to draw some attention to this issue, without revealing the actual leak and exploits. Read more »

Google Translate iOS icon and Google Translate logo

I have noticed that more than 20% of visitors to this site do not have browser language set to English. Many of you manually cut and paste the page you are looking for into Google Translate. In order to make translation easier, I have added the Google Translator tool to the top-right of every page in this site :) I would love to know if this has been of benefit to you! Read more »

Google logo and Google Apps for Business product icons

One the most requested features in Google Apps for companies switching from Microsoft Exchange is the ability to provide access to public folders in Outlook. Fortunately, just about all of the features available in public folders can be made available online and in Outlook with a bit of ingenuity. Read more »

AppleScript Editor icon and Network Preferences pane of System Preferences

After recently configuring a Mac OS X Server to provide VPN access, I was also asked to create an all inclusive script which would automatically configure the connection. If you have been trying to do the same, I have included some pitfalls I came across, and the complete code for a script that can do the job. Read more »

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Konductor made it into the InsideRIA Semi-Finals for Best RIA of the Year. If we come in the top 3, then we go to Adobe MAX 2009 for the final vote.

So make sure you vote for Konductor, it would mean a lot :)

After months of stagnation, I have a brief request to make: vote for Konductor!

Dreamweaver Code Hints

After many battles with the quirks in the Dreamweaver API, code completion is now working quiet nicely. After trawling through the code hinting documentation, and getting some help from the Adobe team, it turns out that it’s actually not all that difficult to get working if you adhere closely to a prescribed structure. Read more »

I noticed that a lot of the traffic currently going to this post is coming from people wanting to encode and decode passwords from a *.ste file online. You can now do this using the form below:

Dreamweaver Paths

If you have worked with the Dreamweaver Extensibility API, you may have noticed that the MMNotes.localURLToFilePath and MMNotes.filePathToLocalURL functions do not work correctly on Mac OS X.

Below is the code that I used to get around this issue:

function localURLToFilePath(localURL)
	return (dreamweaver.isOSX()) ? localURL.replace(/^file:\/\/\/([\d\w\s\\_-]+)(.+$)/, "/Volumes/$1$2") : MMNotes.localURLToFilePath(localURL);

function filePathToLocalURL(filePath)
	return (dreamweaver.isOSX()) ? "file://" + filePath : MMNotes.filePathToLocalURL(filePath);

Hope that saves you some time!